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Protect Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Home

Where you live should feel safe, so stay protected. Getting home insurance gives you the peace of mind that you’ll be protected in case of loss or damage.

Your home’s contents are covered, too. Regular household necessities are covered by home insurance. High-value items like art and jewelry may need additional coverage. Call one of our agents to ensure you are properly protected.

What You Should Know About Home Insurance

Top 5 Home Disasters:
  • Wind & Hail – Extreme weather like wind, hail—even tornadoes—is typically covered.
  • Water Damage – Your home is protected from damage caused by broken pipes or water heaters.
  • Fire Damage – In the unfortunate event of a fire, home insurance can protect your home and belongings.
  • Visitor Accidents – It may surprise you that visitors are a common case cause of home damage.
  • Pet Attacks – Home insurance often covers dog bites, the most common home insurance claim.
5 More Reasons You Need Home Insurance:
  • It’s Required – Most mortgage companies require homeowners insurance.
  • Your Contents Are Protected – Many valuable items in your home, like appliances, are covered.
  • Weather & Fire Are Covered – Nearly every extreme weather damage is covered by your insurance policy.
  • Liability Coverage Is Included – Your home insurance policy covers injuries and personal property damages that occur on your property.
  • You Can Bundle Your Policies – Save money by bundling auto and home policies under one insurance company.